Amazing Cooking Lesson – what a great email

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Subject: Amazing Cooking Lessons   Hi Brun,   I just have to share this with you – “give the credit where credit it due”.   The other day Russell was sitting in his airplane talking to his fellow pilot who was telling him how please and excited his wife was. She had been with a group of her friends on this Italian cooking course. The hosts were such amazing and lovely people and they had all enjoyed themselves so unbelievably and all sorts of goof stuff. They live in Pretoria...

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Kill Two Birds with One Stone

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Are you looking for a cooking school to put a little flavour back into your life, your cooking and your relationship? Cooking schools have come a long way, and add a lot of flavour to an otherwise bland existence – but take note that there are cooking schools and then there are cooking schools that offer that hand’s on personal experience. Whether you are an accomplished cool or whether you are a complete novice, you will now be able to learn to cook really good food by learning right from the very basics. And if...

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Our Photo albums August 2012 onwards

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Cooking at La Convivialita August 2012...

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Clara’s peasant tomato and meat sauce for pasta

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Each region in Italy has its favourite pasta sauce, my Mom Clara says that her sauce is the best and I cannot dispute that, so here goes: 1 whole onion peeled, push 6 cloves pushed randomly into it 4 tins Italian tomatoes or 1 cup of tomatoe puree 1 tablespoon tomato paste 1 pork chop (with bone) 2  pieces of free range chicken (thigh and drum stick) 1 celery stalk a few basil leaves 2 cloves garlic 3 tablespoons Olive oil 1 tablespoon butter 1 medium strength chili – according to taste Salt 1 cup of red or white...

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Our Photo Albums Jan to July 2012

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Cooking at La Convivialita      ...

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Mothers and daughters – keeping the traditions alive!

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I thank my friends for bringing their daughters and  opening my door to “mother daughter” teams and I have had two such teams on separate occasions since my Pasta Teaching at La Convivialità started…. Leslie(mother) and Laura (daughter).  At the age of 5 Laura decided that she was not going to marry my son Steven, what a silly decision cause she is so natural in the kitchen Sandi (mother) and Tegan (daughter), my special Godchild, who loves and embraces life with love and surprised me with her pasta making skills...

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