La Mia Convivialità

I love the word convivialità or in English, conviviality ….. whether you are rich or poor, the pleasure that comes from sharing and enjoying a meal together and in the company of friends and family is the most enjoyable and memorable experience in one’s life. This is what memories are made of….. At La Convivialità!

I would like everyone who attends – to take home images of a special time together – making good food, cooking great meals, eating in abundance, always chatting and drinking to life!

My dream is to have as many people as possible experience the togetherness and enjoyment of taking the moments of pleasure and happiness down the road with them, so that in 20 years time, when sitting under an olive tree and contemplating the wonderful days of our past – we will think back to the laughter and enjoyment of the lingering lunch times or relaxed dinner evenings at La Convivialità.

I want everyone to learn how to make and cook fresh pasta (pasta fresca), gnocchi, lasagna and endless meals.
My Mom, Clara, says that we need to go back to our roots and start cooking simple meals again and she is right. So, I have decided that all of my family, friends old and new and (anyone else!), should go on a journey with me, back to the beginning!

I also so thoroughly enjoy cooking pasta, I make fresh pasta from my kitchen, using high quality ingredients and only organic!! I make pasta to order using a combination of authentic Italian cooking that I learnt from my mother and combining a contemporary element from the likes of my favourite chef Giorgio Locatelli. I have a range of pasta available to purchase online too… Visit the online store for more!

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