Team Building

#TeamBuilding – It’s time to cook your way to team building happiness

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La Convivialita cooking school is the ideal setting for a laid back team building. You will have to work together in pairs  or small groups, learn how to make pasta hands-on, assist each other to roll out the pasta and to make Tagliatelle or Angel pasta. You start from scratch and eventually eat the delicious end product.pastaclasses1smallest





The group work element is fun while at the same time a great team building exercise that it’s very nature requires team work and thus could assist your team in building or strengthening the group dynamics needed for your company, be it a small, intimate office environment or gearing up for the corporate world.


pasta makingAfter your team work, you can connect with one another at a beautifully set table while eating a delicious meal, Italian style, and sipping on organic Italian wine. Whether this be to have a meeting or to have a general chit chat and develop some closeness. It is the perfect balance for your team building or company function.