The art of pasta making – part 2

The interesting thing about learning to make pasta is that it brings much more to the table than the actual skill of learning the art of pasta making.

Enjoy a little bit of Italy right here on your doorstep and enjoy a fun-filled experience shared with family and friends and also colleagues, sharing excellent cuisine – all the while learning the skills and art of making artisan food from scratch.

There is no need to spend a fortune on visiting Italy in this cash-strapped economy – instead, grab a little bit of Italy for yourself by enjoying the food of Italy locally.

The secret to excellence is always in the ingredients – such as Eureka stone ground flour and by incorporating only the very best you will soon realise that this is eating on a whole new level. After all, life is way too short to eat average food or drink nasty wine. Indulging the senses in good food and good wine will make those little moments in life special – after all the happy things in life happen in bite-sized portions and are not one big happy event, and the more time we spend focusing on those bite-sized joyful instants, the more grateful we will become.

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We are, after all, the magicians responsible for showing those participating in pasta-making classes the art of having fun – just add pasta.

It is time to think a little out of the box by selecting one of Pretoria’s (and Jozi’s) best kept little secrets – we refer to none other than learning the delightful art of making your own pasta and incorporating this brilliant skill to impress those around you, all at a low cost. Besides, we offer so much more than ordinary pasta – we show you the exact art of making tortellini, ravioli, lasagne and more in a kaleidoscope of flavours and colours.

If you are thinking of tightening those belts and putting off that visit to Italy, then what better way than making your own authentic Italian dishes from scratch at a fraction of the price?

Italy was never as good as this!