Italian Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes
Welcome to Bruna’s “La Convivialita”, an Italian cooking classes experience not to forget. This is not your average Italian cooking class, it is a once in a life time treat that you’ll not experience anywhere else.


Why La Convivialita
Intimate, Hands-on, A true Italian cooking experience.
The perfect gro

Cooking Classes for Bachelorette Parties

La Convivialita in Pretoria offers a unique experience for the ladies.
Planning a bachelorette part and looking for something different and unique for the bride-to-be, then this is a great idea for you. We will teach the group of ladies how to make pasta from scratch, get your hands involved and make your own pasta, also learna tasty sugo to go with your pasta.

At La Conviv

It’s All About The Experience

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About Chef Bruna Green

Hello, I’m Bruna. Here you will find out all about where my knowledge and love for Parmesan cheese started, and for cooking as a whole for that matter.

Nonna Clara Perotti (My Mom)

My first knowledge of Parmesan came from my Mom, Clara, who is now 89 years young.

My husband Chris, can tell the story of when I first met him and I drove to the Italian Deli in Orange Grove to buy Parmiggiano, imported Italian pasta and Italian tinned tomatoes.

I was going to make him sauce for spaghetti for our evening meal. Being inexperienced (my Mom did all the cooking when I lived at home) the whole process took ages, needless to say, when he finally came home from work I pranced around to serve dinner which was a plate of pasta topped with napoletana sauce and parmesan cheese, (nearly as good as my Mom’s). When he went to the cupboard to take out the All Gold Tomato Sauce I was devastated.

I grew up with not even being allowed to have All Gold Tomato Sauce in the cupboard, never mind add this to a pasta dish. This is where it all began. Parmesan came together when I got married to Chris because once out of my Mom’s house, I had to start cooking and making use of all the ingredients that I grew up with.